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We truly are where the rubber meets the road!

We have taken every business laced idiom and inspirational poster seriously since 1998. 1st in; last out. If you're early, you're on time. If you're're late. No fun, until the work is done. There are 24 working hours in a day...not 8. Yes, two (2) weeks of coding can save you two (2) hours of planning. We all make mistakes. It's how those mistakes are handled is what's important.

We could continue this for days, but the bottom line is that, you're here because your project is behind the eight-ball and/or your business is ready to take that next step, that HUGE step, toward 7-15% annual growth. Either way, we've got you covered!

In the beginning...

Our founder, Adam Kiger, started his formal education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania majoring in Visual Communications in 1993. While attending college in the summer of 1994, Adam Kiger was introduced to the internet and the ball began to roll.

There was growth.

Adam's graphic design foundation led him directly to a web design career. Starting as a web designer/developer, he worked on multiple projects that expanded his skill sets within a number of interactive/advertising firms in Atlanta, Georgia from 1994 thru 1999. Adam Kiger had developed numerous public facing and custom environments for mid-size and Fortune 100/500 companies. Skills employed range from architecture development, SEO management and planning, e-commerce deployment, design and programming, which have all contributed to his expertise surrounding the integration of diverse web/internet/intranet technologies.

When growth nurtures wisdom...

During 2000 to 2007, Adam‘s primary focus was mastering e-commerce and content management solutions. In 2001, Adam Kiger began the creation of his content management solution named, CMX. CMX‘s original focus was pointed towards maintaining a single intranet‘s content. After working for companies like Citi Bank, Disney, CDC, Bellsouth, Leica Geosystems, Kids II, Inc., AON and Infor, CMX metamorphosized into a three tiered solution capable of supporting e-commerce, corporate departmental unity and management of multiple branded environments.

Then one begins to share.

With over 20 years of in-depth interactive experience, Adam Kiger has incorporated a wide array of skills to produce award-winning projects and client solutions to over 80 companies in the United States. Adam‘s environments have seen roughly over 160 million unique visitors since 1998 and have grossed over 70 million dollars in profits to date.

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